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Kellie's New Concert in Fall of 2012

Kellie is preparing to rehearse her 2nd one woman concert, Kellie Johnson EXPOSED, to be performed in NYC!

In the Heart of MANHATTAN! New York! New York!

Grant for The Really BIG Pirate Show!

Michael Menger and I just received a grant from Great Performances to produce a Backer's Audition of The Really BIG Pirate Show! More info coming soon...

New Videos!

Kellie Johnson: One Night Only!

Just added! More videos from Kellie's show: Kellie Johnson, One Night Only! Have a look on her video page!

Recent Events

November 2012

Boy Gets Girl
by Rebecca Gilman

Kellie just finished playing the role of Madeleine Beck in Rebecca Gilman's chilling thriller, Boy Gets Girl. The show was produced by Harry Diesel Productions and played at the Access Theater in New York City!

August 2007

Mass Appeal by Bill C. Davis

Not only the composer for the new musical, The Really BIG Pirate Show! Kellie composed the main theme for the play, Mass Appeal for All Seasons Theatre Company at the Hackensack Cultural Arts Center, NJ!

July 2007

All Season Theatre's P.I.E. (Projects In Education) Holiday Story Series Recording!

Kellie will be featured on the P.I.E. Holiday Story Series for ALL SEASONS THEATRE COMPANY! The P.I.E. Holiday Story Series brings the spirit of the holidays to life with a selection of stories and carols that honor many different seasonal holidays – Christmas, Kwanzaa, Navidad and Hanukkah. Stories include, The Elves and the Shoemaker, Old Mr. Scrooge, A Kwanzaa Story, The Armadillo’s Feliz Navidad, Hanukkah Candles and The Christmas Tree. Holiday songs like The Twelve Days of Christmas, God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman and Deck the Halls are woven throughout the story set.

May 2007

Off-Broadway Musical Revue, The Irving Berlin Story!

Kellie recently starred in the Off-Broadway Musical Revue, The Irving Berlin Story for Inside Broadway producer’s Michael Presser and Nick Sala at The University Club in New York City!  Kellie’s exceptional vocal style held the audience enraptured in some of Mr. Irving Berlin’s most popular songs from the heartfelt How Deep Is The Ocean to superbly belting out her crowd-pleasing Annie Get Your Gun medley!

More 2007 News! 

Kellie Johnson finished recording the Pre-Broadway Demo CD Recording of the Lead Role of "Bianca D’Amor" and "The Valiant Pirate Edmund Dumain" for the much talked about and highly anticipated original musical extravaganza: The Really BIG Pirate Show, written by Michael Menger and composed by none other than...Kellie Johnson!

Look for some song samples on her audio page.

The Really BIG Pirate Show is the story of Samuel, an orphan who dreams of adventure and seizes the day by signing on to a ship as cabin boy, and only later realizes that he has joined a band of pirates. Even worse, he discovers that he has been cursed with a magical Heart of Gold, buried deep in his chest, and it just happens to be the legenedary treasure that everyone is looking for!

In his quest to find true freedom, Samuel's adventures bring him face to face with ravaging pirates, gruesome ghosts, a bloodthirsty uncle, a murderous queen, and a villianous Sea Hag!

Complete with huge sword fights, daring duels, a giant squid attack, amazons and mermaids, this is THE show for anyone who ever has wanted to be a pirate.

All this and a six-foot parrot named Hamlet who can talk and talk and talk!

Roland Algrant: In Loving Memory.

Recently a great friend of mine, Roland Algrant passed away. He was the most giving individual I have ever known in my life. To the right, you can view a photo of us from Annie Get Your Gun.

I am dedicating an entire page on my website to Roland.  On the page you can read about Roland and what he did for humanity and you can also watch one of his final performances in a video from my one woman show, Kellie Johnson, One Night Only! 
Click here to view Roland's page.


Some photos of Kellie's recent performances!